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Table 4 List of previous cheiloscopic research comparing the patterns among Indian and Malaysian-Chinese populations

From: Lip print evaluation of Indian and Malaysian-Chinese subjects by manual and digital methods: a correlational study with gender and ethnicity

S. no Authors Year Country Population studied Age range Sample size and gender Way of lip print evaluation
1. Neo et al. 2012 Malaysia Indian, Malay and Malaysian-Chinese 20-26 134: I—5m/5f, MC—18m/18f, M—44m/44f
2. Rao B et al. 2014 India Indians, Malay and Malaysian-Chinese 18–23 183: I—30m/31f, C—29m/32f, 32m/31f Mid portion of the lower lip
3. Present study 2021 India Indian and Malaysian-Chinese 18–23 300: I-75m/75f In quadrants
  1. I Indian, M Malaysians, MC Malaysian-Chinese, m male, f female