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Table 5 Types of cephalic and facial index with inference (Wilkinson 2010; Franco et al. 2013)

From: Orthodontists in forensic facial approximation (FFA): current inter-disciplinary perspective

Cephalic index Anthropologic terms Value Inference Facial index Value Inference
Dolichocephalic Hypsicephalic 70.0–74.9 Long and narrow cranium Leptoprosopic 90.0–94.9 Long and narrow face
Mesocephalic Orthocephalic 75.0–79.9 Average cranium Mesoprosopic 85.0–89.9 Average face
Brachycephalic Platycephalic 80.0–84.9 Broad and short cranium Euryprosopic 80.0–84.9 Broad and short face