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Table 4 Midline soft tissue landmarks for FSTT (Taylor 2000; Jasuja et al. 2018)

From: Orthodontists in forensic facial approximation (FFA): current inter-disciplinary perspective

No. Soft tissue midline Landmarks
  Midline Lateral
1 SupraGlabella Frontal eminence
2 Glabella Supraorbital
3 Nasion Lateral orbit
4 End of Nasals Suborbital
5 Midphiltrum Zygomatic arch midway
6 Supradentale Supraglenoid
7 Infradentale Inferior malar
8 Supramentale Supramolar
9 Pogonion Occlusal line
10 Menton Submolar
11   Gonion