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Table 2 Cephalometric points for sagittal and vertical skeletal jaw arrangement (Chalala et al. 2019; Rana et al. 2012)

From: Orthodontists in forensic facial approximation (FFA): current inter-disciplinary perspective

Cephalometric point/angle Explanation
Point A (subspinale) Deepest midline point in concavity from anterior nasal spine (ANS) to prosthion
Point B (supramentale) Deepest midline point between infradental and pogonion.
Point Na (nasion) Intersection of nasofrontal suture with internasal suture in mid-sagittal plane
ANB Angle between the line subspinale to nasion and line joining nasion to supramentale
> 4° = skeletal class II relation
2°±2°= skeletal class I relation
≤ 0°= skeletal class III relation
MPA (mandibular plane angle) Angle formed at intersection of mandibular plane (GO-Me) and sella-nasion (SN)