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Table 1 A total of 16 samples were selected for the study. The table shows the sample ID and the sample description. The samples have been chosen from indoor and outdoor environments as an example of items contaminated by fungi that can characterize specific milieus. Sample 25 was included as a positive control, due to the fact that brewer’s yeast is mainly composed of Saccharomyces

From: DNA metabarcoding of forensic mycological samples

Sample ID Description
7 Swab of spoiled tomato with mold
11 Swab of bath mat with black mold
12 Swab of green tomato with mold
18 Spoiled bread with mold
22 Swab of spoiled pear with mold
23 Swab of the surface of a car washing station
25 Brewer’s yeast
26 Wet soil
29 Swab of air conditioning system with dust and mold
30 Soil from horse racetrack
31 Soil from plant pot
34 Swab of a chair seat with mold
35 Swab of a clothes brush with mold
51 Swab of the floor of a woodworking
53 Swab of a laundry basket with mold (internal surface)
54 Swab of a laundry basket with mold (external surface)