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Table 7 Comparison of studies dealing with the stature estimation from the hand measurements using linear regression

From: Stature estimation from handprint measurements: an application to the medicolegal investigation

Study Sample Ages Population Parameters Standard error
Paulis (2015) 100 males and 91 females 18–67 Egyptian Handprint breadth; Handprint length; Phalangeal length 45.4–58.9 mm in males and 53.8–66.8 mm in females
Ahemad and Purkait (2011) 503 males 18–35 Indian Handprint length, Handprint width, palm length, thumb distal, complete thumb, index distal, index distal + middle, complete index, middle distal, middle distal + middle, complete middle, ring distal, ring distal + middle, complete ring, little distal, little distal + middle, complete little 46.35–54.95 mm in males
Ishak et al. (2012b) 91 males and 110 females 16–68 Western Australian Handprint length; Handprint breadth; Palm print length; Thumb, index, ring, middle fingerprint length; 54.2–61.3 mm in males and 54.6–64.0 mm in females
Zulkifly et al. (2018) 50 males and 52 females 18–60 Iban Handprint breadth; Handprint length; Handprint thumb, index, middle, ring, little finger length; Phalangeal length of thumb distal, thumb proximal, index distal, index middle, index proximal, middle distal, middle medial, middle proximal, ring distal, ring middle, ring proximal, little distal, little middle, little proximal 54.2–75.5 mm in males and 46.7–59.9 mm in females
Present study 100 males and 100 females 18–30 Bangladeshi Handprint Breadth; Maximum Handprint Breadth; 1st Digit Length; 2nd Digit Length; 3rd Digit Length 4th Digit Length; 5th Digit Length 44.141–55.138 mm in males, 49.074–55.495 mm in females, and 55.49–71.36 mm in combined data