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Fig. 3

From: Crime investigation through DNA methylation analysis: methods and applications in forensics

Fig. 3

DNA methylation detection through Immuno-precipitation (Dot-blot method). a. The methylated DNA (dot 2 and 3) develops color precipitate/fluorescence while unmethylated DNA (dot 1) fails to develop the color/fluorescence in the nylon blot. b. The DNA is spotted as a dot in the nylon membrane and then primary antibody is blotted, which is followed by a secondary antibody conjugated with horse radish peroxidase enzyme. The addition of enzyme’s substrate such as 3’-3’ diamino benzidine (DAB) produces a pink precipitate. Alternatively, a fluorophore-tagged secondary antibody (Alexa Fluor Ab) can be used to visualize the presence of methyl group

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